Recording Business

Why anyone that says the recording industry is dead is wrong

The industry is dead! You can’t make any money! Stop now! Don’t even try it! You’re crazy! Get out of music! Sell your interface! Go get a “real” job! Yeah yeah, we’ve all heard this, and maybe you’ve even said some version of this at some point in your life.

The story of Dr. Bini and the Binson Echorec

The story of Dr. Bini and the Binson Echorec

The Binson Echorec is one of those magical, mystical, undeniably beautiful sounding devices. It’s the kind of gear that makes you appreciate its existence– that some genius was able to design something so incredibly inspiring.

Large diaphragm condenser microphone

Why trying to be perfect is detrimental to your growth as an audio engineer

Recording and mixing are two forms of artistic expression. Like drawing or painting, there’s a lot more to being proficient than just having natural talent. Innate talent will only get you so far, while hard work and practice will get you further. A combination of both is when true genius happens.

How to survive as a working audio engineer

How to survive as a working audio engineer

It’s almost impossible to find steady work at the start of your career. Most audio engineers are grinders, we start small– going from one gig to the next (more significant) gig until we eventually have enough work to support ourselves solely on audio and music. The truth is that it takes a long time to get there, and there’s always the risk that it may never happen.

Audio Engineering School

Should you go to audio engineering school?

So you like making music…maybe you make EDM in your bedroom, or you’re in a band, or you want to be the next big rapper. Whatever it is, you might be considering going to music or audio engineering school or trying to make music into a career. If this is you, perfect, you’re in the right place.